Since the start in 1963, Bigso has produced storage products made from recycled fibreboard. The emphasis was in the beginning on products that were tucked away in closets and attics. Fibreboard was seen as an economical solution for a range of storage need both homes and the industry.
TODAY, more than 50 years later, Bigso’s products have become a major decorative feature in the homes and offices in all parts of the world. High flexibility within the production gives us the possibility to follow trends in the marketplace and to develop new products. Tradeshows play an important role in the communication with our customers. We exhibit in Frankfurt, Chicago, London and Paris. Export markets account for over 85%.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is integrated into our strategy and operations at all levels, and is key to maintaining success in the long term. We apply a product life-cycle approach to manage our environmental impacts, and using renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials is a cornerstone of our strategy. Energy management involves planning, defined actions, measuring progress, and continuous improvement. Increased energy efficiency lowers both our carbon footprint and costs, and that just makes plain sense to us.