New Re-Store colors!

Two new colors have joined the Re-Store recycled range for 2024, R12 Sienna and R13 [...]

Renewable energy

PROJECT “Expansion of renewable energy production capacities at UAB Bigso” The goal of the project [...]

Fall shows 2023

Show planning for the fall is in full speed! So If you ´re going to [...]

Catalog 2023

The catalog for 2023 is almost here, in a few weeks it will be upladed [...]

October shows

This october we exhibited at two new shows that we have never went to before, [...]

Bigso collection 2021

Its finished and it is here! The collection for 2021 can now be viewed here [...]

Next shows

For many of us went 2020-year not as planned on many ways. For Bigso this [...]

Ambiente 2020

We will be present at the world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods: Ambiente 2020 [...]

First show 2020

Its a new year and the preparations for the first show in the list of [...]

It’s finally up! We are so happy to be able to offer a new website [...]