Collapsible Filebox

Increase your efficiency by storing and organizing your paperwork in this attractive filing box. The included hanging files keep your documents such as bills, recipes, product manuals and guarantees separated, allowing you a quick and easy access to each file. Keep all your important documents near at hand but away from your desk in the same time. Add a good-looking way to straighten out all your loose papers.

  • Holds A4 paper
  • Comes with metal label holder or leather handle
  • Comes ready to use with 8 suspension files
  • Sturdy construction, withstands an everyday use
  • Mix and match from our wide range of colors and materials

W18,5 x D35 x H27cm / W7.3″ x D13.8″ x H10.6

W50,5 x D38,5 x H4cm / 19.9″ x D15.1″ x H1.6″

Art. No: 4801 Tage
Pcs per carton: 6

Core: Made of solid, sturdy recycled fibreboard, it reduces our environmental impact.
Surface: Our surface materials is paper made from well-managed, fully sustainable forests

Product can be made in
Paper laminate, Canvas and Wood.