PROJECT “Expansion of renewable energy production capacities at UAB Bigso”

The goal of the project is to install additional solar (photovoltaic) power plants for generating electricity, and thereby increase the share of renewable energy in the company’s energy consumption.

UAB “Bigso” produces paperboard storage boxes for home and office use and the main materials used in production are paper, cardboard, corrugated board, glue, and metal fittings. Due to the size of the company, a significant amount of energy is consumed (primarily gas and electricity, as well as fuel for transport). Company growth has led to increased energy consumption, and rising energy costs have motivated UAB “Bigso” to evaluate and invest in energy saving technology and practices, to help conserve the environment and natural resources. UAB “Bigso” installed their first solar power plant in 2016. The desire to further contribute to the achievement of national goals for energy efficiency, and the increase of costs incurred during production operations, have prompted UAB “Bigso” to initiate a new project, under which additional solar (photovoltaic) power plants will be installed. In preparation, the company conducted an energy consumption audit and based on the conclusions and recommendations presented, has planned to install two solar power plants with a total capacity of 499.8 kW. The project period, including planning and installation, is from 2023-08-17 to 2024-08-31. The total cost of the project is EUR 374,819.00, of which EUR 195,603.46 is to be allocated from the European Regional Development Fund.